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Top Pros and Cons of Luxurious Villas
ByRajesh Varma| 2016-05-30

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Should I or should I not is one of the biggest questions that one has to battle between when planning to invest money in the luxurious villas. Although they sound all classy and give you the kind of lifestyle most of us dream about all our lives, it is important you know about all the pros as well as the cons before making this big investment. Check out the top pros and cons associated with the luxury villas discussed in this post.


For some this factor could be a pro while for others it could be a disadvantage. Since you invest big amount in a luxury villa, your return of investment would be undoubtedly high.

2. Luxury
You get the best facilities and thus a luxurious lifestyle that is far-fetched in regular homes.

3. Freedom
You get complete independence and freedom when you live in a villa. No one disturbs you and thus you get your space where you can do anything you want.

4. Space
This is the biggest advantage of living in a villa. More than just the open lawns and big terrace, you get spacious rooms and larger spaces throughout the house.

5. Park and play spaces
Be it the car parking space or play areas for your little ones, a luxury villa will have it all.

6. Quiet and calm surroundings
You do not have disturbing neighbors, honking horns and you have the freedom of partying whenever you want, as no one would complain. This is one big benefit of living in a villa.

7. Add on constructions
Since the land and the terrace both are yours, you get the freedom of making alterations as you need. Considering future needs, you can add floors or rooms as well.


High investments
Villas are one expensive deal and if you do not have that kind of budget, investing in a villa and thereafter taking care of its maintenance could be one difficult aspect to focus on.

2. Security issues
If you have invested in a luxury villa, safety would be the main concern. Although you get an access to best surveillance systems but all this comes with a significant investment.

3. Location
Since villas are generally big in terms of areas, they are often located in the outskirts. If you have that kind of time that you can invest in traveling back and forth, then the villa would be good, else it can be troublesome.

4. Higher overall costs
Since you will have a huge space to take care of, your common bills or electricity and water would obviously be high. Along with this, huge places need regular maintenance as well so you will need to invest money therein as well.

5. Need special construction for disabled
Villas usually have two or more flats are therefore if you have old people, kids or someone disabled, it would not be convenient for them. You will have to make special arrangements to take care of their movement needs.

6. General services
You may/may not get the general facilities like on call plumber/ electricians, power back up, etc depending upon the location that you have chosen. If yours is located at an isolated place and not in a society like place, these can be issues demanding your concern.

Everything has two sides and different aspects to it and same is the case with luxurious villas. Once contact with best property advisor and then take a decision that you feel would be perfect as per your needs. 

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