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Five Tips To Live Cool In Apartments For This Summer
ByRaja Shekar| 2016-05-16

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Summers have hit us bad and no matter how hard we pray, no one escapes the torture that the scorching sun does on us. You can keep yourself cool by wearing the right clothes and drinking and eating the right things but you surely need to make some efforts to keep your" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">apartment cool as well. Apart from the air conditioners and cooling agents, there are other simple methods as well that you can rely on to keep your home chilled even in the summers. Read the sentences that follow to know more about some easy tips and tricks.

1. Freeze the sheets and clothing

This sounds absurd but trust the fact that it works. This can be done at bed time so keep your night clothes as well as the beddings in the freezer for a few hours and put them on as and when you go to bed. Since they will be out straight from the freezer, they will stay cold for a long time and keep you cool while you sleep.

2. Covered and insulated doors and windows

Just like we make sure that our doors and windows are insulated in the winters, the same process has to be repeated in the summers as well. Also cover the windows with green mats or with the mats that have aromatic cooling properties. Sprinkle water on them in regular intervals to make sure that they stay cool and do not let the warmness of outer atmosphere take away the chill of your house. In short, just ensure that you do not let direct sunlight enter the house in any possible way as it can make the house warm and scorching.
3. Use fans

Many people make the common mistake of not using the fans in summers. Remember that the fans rotate the air in the room and thus they are very helpful in throwing the hot air up to the ceiling and cool air below. If you have side or stand fans, try placing iced water bottles, ice packs or anything cool in front of it so that the air that comes out hits that ice and thus spreads that cool air everywhere in the room. This is one form of a DIY air conditioner as well. Do not forgot to use exhausts as much as you can so that it constantly throws the hot air outside the house.
4. Shut down all the heat sources when not needed

The heat sources can be the extra lights, lamps, stoves, fryers, etc. Make sure you grill and microwave cook more in summers and not fry or stove cook anything if possible. This helps in keeping the temperature of the house low to certain levels. If you are using them late in the evening or night, keep the windows open so that the fresh air could come in. This will allow air circulation and thus would suppress the heat exasperated from various sources in the house.

5. Place some green plants near the doors and windows

If you have a balcony or porch, you can use hanging plants or simply the plants planted in the mud pots and place them where they directly come in contact with the air. Considering the concept of global warming, we all know that greenery often keeps the temperatures low and thus the surroundings chilled.
Follow these simple ideas and you will be good to go this summer season.

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